Napoli, Manchester United and Kim Min-jae agreed on a transfer fee of 82 billion → Kim Min-jae moved to Manchester

 Manchester United (hereafter referred to as Man United) is said to have won the competition to recruit Kim Min-jae, who is attracting attention due to various transfer rumors.

The British Evening Standard said on the 30th (Korean time), ‘Man Utd has agreed to the transfer of Kim Min-jae with Napoli. Napoli accepted Manchester United’s offer of 50 million pounds (about 82 billion won) for Kim Min-jae’s transfer fee. Manchester United has already agreed on personal terms with Kim Min-jae,’ he said. ‘Kim Min-jae will be Manchester United’s first recruit in the summer transfer market. Kim Min-jae will fly to Manchester next week to finalize his transfer.

It is known that Kim Min-jae has a buyout clause that will be applied for two weeks from July.

Kim Min-jae has been attracting attention with various transfer rumors. The British Express said on the 28th, ‘Kim Min-jae’s transfer to Manchester United has become suspicious due to the appearance of a rival club in the Premier League. Napoli are preparing to transfer Kim Min-jae to a club offering a larger fee, and Manchester United could be hijacked. Min-jae Kim, who Manchester United manager Ten Hag wants to sign, can move to Newcastle,’ he said.

Man Utd has been predicted that Kim Min-jae is likely to be recruited. On the 25th, the Italian media Corriere delos Sport said, ‘Kim Min-jae has already been sold to Manchester United. Manchester United will pay Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount, which will take effect from July. Kim Min-jae said he would wait for the buyout clause to be triggered and he would leave for Manchester. England’s The Sun predicted that Manchester United would not even allow a competition to sign Kim Min-jae, saying, “Man United is desperate to confirm the signing of Kim Min-jae before the buyout clause is activated.” Italian media Ilmatino also mentioned Manchester United’s recruitment of Kim Min-jae, saying, “Man Utd agreed to pay Kim Min-jae an annual salary of 9 million euros (about 12.8 billion won) and will pay Napoli 65 million euros (about 92.3 billion won) as a transfer fee.” did.메이저사이트

The Premier League summer transfer window starts on the 14th of next month. Napoli will play the final Serie A match of the 2022-23 season against Sampdoria on the 4th of next month, and Kim Min-jae will miss due to accumulated warnings. Kim Min-jae’s match against Bologna on the 28th is predicted to be his last game in Naples. Manchester United, who are advancing to the FA Cup final, will play the final game of the season against Manchester City on the 3rd of next month. Kim Min-jae is expected to confirm his joining Manchester United immediately after the final match between Napoli and Manchester United this season.

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