Noh Seung-yeol and Michael Kim tied for 3rd on the first day of the Zurich Classic

“The second round will be better than the first day.”

On the 21st (Korean time), Noh Seung-yeol (32) had a pleasant interview after tying for 3rd place on the first day of the Zurich Classic (total prize money of 8.6 million dollars) with Michael Kim (Korean-American) on the PGA Tour.

As in last year, Noh Seung-yeol paired up with Michael Kim and scored 10 under par 62 in the first round four-ball (best ball method in which players play with their own balls and write down good scores) held at TPC Louisiana (par 72, 7425 yards) in Avondale, Louisiana, USA. collaborated Noh Seung-yeol recorded 6 birdies and 1 bogey, and Michael Kim collected 4 birdies in different holes and narrowed down 10 birdies without a bogey.

After the match, Noh Seung-yeol said, “Last year, we performed well on the first day, and we got along well, so we came together this year.” Noh Seung-yeol remembers his first win on the PGA Tour in 2014, before it was changed to a team game.

On the second day and round 4, it is played in a foursome (alternate shot) method in which one ball is hit alternately. However, both players showed confidence in this. Noh Seung-yeol said, “Tomorrow, I will go out to the morning group and the greens will be clean and the course condition will be better.” Michael Kim replied, “Today I played aggressively, but tomorrow I will alternate with one ball, so I think it would be good to play stably.”

Joe Wyndham Clarke-Bo Hoosler and Joe Sean O’Hare-Brandon Mathews (above USA) are tied for the lead with an 11-under-par 61.

In addition, Lim Seong-jae (25) teamed up with Keith Mitchell (USA) again this time and scored a 10-under 62, tying for 3rd place with Noh Seung-yeol. Im Seong-jae reduced 6 strokes by tying 7 birdies and 1 bogey, and Mitchell reduced 5 strokes with 1 eagle and 3 birdies. The view from the first hole in the second half was disappointing.

Im Seong-jae and Mitchell played together in the third round of the Honda Classic in March 2019, keeping an eye on each other’s game. That year, Mitchell won, and the following year, Im Seong-jae won the difficult PGA National. In fact, Mitchell suggested participating in the Zurich Classic in 2019, but at the time Im Seong-jae teamed up with Kim Min-hwi. This year, Im Seong-jae proposed and Mitchell accepted.

Bae Sang-moon (37)-Kang Seong-hoon (36) tied for 30th with a 7-under 65, Kim Si-woo (28)-Kim Joo-hyung (21) tied for 43rd with 6-under 66, Ahn Byeong-hun (32)-Kim Seong-hyun (25) tied for 5-under 67 tied for 56th. A total of 160 players are participating in 80 groups in two-person groups. The eldest, John Daly, started in a group with David Duvall, but was the only one to finish last with a 3-over-par 75.

This tournament,안전놀이터 in which Korean players are active, will be broadcast live through JTBC Golf & Sports.

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