Oh Ban-seok Theater Goal’ Incheon wipes out ACL playoff blood and wins Suwon FC in theater… 4th place

Incheon United laughed brightly at the theater goal scored just before the end of the game. Incheon won a dramatic victory over Suwon FC and washed away the fatigue of the Asian Champions League (ACL) playoffs.온라인바카라

Incheon won 2-1 with Oh Ban-seok’s winning goal just before the game ended in the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 round 28 match against Suwon FC held at Suwon Sports Complex on the 25th. With 40 points, Incheon surpassed FC Seoul (39 points) and rose to 4th place. It is on the rise with 6 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in the last 9 games, including undefeated in July (4 wins, 1 draw).

In terms of the recent momentum and power of the two teams, it was a game where Incheon had the upper hand, but Incheon played a bloody battle with Hai Phong (Vietnam) just three days ago in an Asian Champions League (ACL) playoff match that lasted 120 minutes until overtime. It was a stumbling block. At that time, Incheon included all the key players, and in the process, physical strength was severely consumed. Even Incheon coach Cho Seong-hwan said before the game, “(The physical problem caused by the overtime of the last game) is a factor that can affect today’s game.”

The first half was a bit messy. In the middle of the game, in the 27th minute of the first half, Suwon FC’s Kim Hyeon suddenly sprained his ankle, and in the process, Incheon’s Mpoku touched the grass for a while and then lifted it, and a large pit was discovered. Although the game was resumed after emergency repairs, the game was suspended for a while and the tension was relaxed for a while.

Incheon took the lead in the restarted game. In the extra time of the first half, Kim Jun-yeop, who was digging into the space behind the opponent’s right, received Kim Yeon-soo’s penetrating pass from midfield, and passed it to Cheon Seong-hun, who calmly scored the goal.

However, Suwon FC, who reorganized the line at halftime, returned the game to the starting point within 50 seconds of the second half. Lee Kwang-hyeok’s cross, which quickly dug into the right flank, was headed by Lee Seung-woo, who shook the net.

After that, Suwon FC’s onslaught unfolded. However, at every critical juncture, the goalposts stood in the way. In the 17th minute of the second half, Lee Seung-woo’s cross was connected by Kim Hyun with an exquisite non-stop right-footed shot, but it bounced off the post. In the 33rd minute of the second half, Lee Kwang-hyeok attempted a bold left-footed kick from the right side of the penalty area, but it also hit the post.

In the midst of this, in the 42nd minute of the second half, while Suwon FC Lopez competed for the ball with an opponent, a variable occurred when he swung his arm out of excitement and hit his face, resulting in a direct ejection. Nevertheless, Suwon FC continued to knock on Incheon’s goal, but Incheon’s goal was hardly open.

The game, which was running toward a draw, fluctuated once again just before the end. A cross from the right corner kicked in front of the gate was connected by Oh Ban-seok with an exquisite back header, which was sucked into the Suwon FC goal. After the goal was scored, a video review (VAR) followed, but the decision was not overturned.

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