Okada Hanshin’ sole leader in 5305 days, but “don’t be happy

Hanshin took the lead for the first time this season as Yakult, who had been co-leader, lost against Hiroshima after the match against Yokohama DeNA was canceled due to rain on the 15th.

Coach Okada Hanshin (65) appealed to the Yokohama Stadium not to worry about one win or loss in order to win the championship for the first time in 18 years.

What Okada was concerned about was the atmosphere on the bench after the game the night before, when Aoyagi was thrashed by the Yokohama DeNA lineup. This is because young players, who should have been indispensable for brightness, have calmed down. Coach Okada expressed regret, saying, “There are times when you lose during a long season.”

In 2005, when he collected 50% plus 33 games and led to victory, he suffered 54 losses in the season. Winning and losing is the norm in long seasons, so there’s no room for gloom, he said.

The previous day at Yokohama Stadium, 9 consecutive losses. Even if they lost 16 days today and became the club’s worst club’s 10th consecutive loss, which is comparable to 2000, Coach Okada would have gone home humming.

On the contrary, I did not forget to scold. I warned him not to get excited even if he wins comfortably. He once again emphasized his mindset as a professional, saying, “I hope you do the same, not one-to-one.”

Yakult, who had been tied for the lead, rose to the sole lead for the first time this season after losing to Hiroshima.

Hanshin Okada’s solo lead has been 5305 days since October 5, 2008. Even so, the veteran commander of the Baekjeon is figuring out what to do without changing his face color.

Hanshin experienced the second minimum amount of rain this season. As Yakult, who was tied for the lead on the day, lost to Hiroshima, the team rose to the sole lead for the first time this season.

It has been 571 days since September 21, 2021, and it has been 5305 days since October 5, 2008 in Okada Hanshin.

When Hanshin won the championship in 2005, it was 4 consecutive victories after losing the opening game. On April 8, the 7th game, he took the lead for the first time alone.

From April 28th to May 3rd,토스카지노 they lost 5 games in a row and rose to 4th place, a gap of up to 5 games from the lead, but made up for it with a favorable result of 3rd place (leading three teams) in the exchange match immediately after.

Maintained sole lead after June 9th. On September 14, the winning magic number 13 was announced for the first time, and on the 29th, the 5th league championship was confirmed in two years.

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