Pak Se-ri “I need to focus on junior golf to grow further”

Pak Se-ri (45), a legend of Korean golf, announced that she would focus on nurturing youth golf.

Pak Se-ri said at a golf forum hosted by the Royal Golf Association (R&A) held at Tanah Merah Country Club in Singapore on the 9th, “Now, a lot of focus is on the professional tour, but the process of finding gemstones and making jewelry is very important and we need to solve it.” He emphasized the importance of nurturing young people, saying, “Homework.

Pak Se-ri, who recorded 25 wins on the LPGA Tour, said, “I participated in the tournament during my active career, and a person who contributed a lot to golf in Malaysia came and told me that he was very proud of me. As an Asian, 메이저놀이터 he said that he was proud.” I still have a lot of memories. At that time, I had the idea that I want to further develop Asian golf.”

“Golf in the Asia-Pacific region has developed a lot, but to grow further, we need to focus on junior golf. We need to introduce a curriculum and systematic system for junior golf education, and we need to be able to experience a lot as a sport for life. To that end, I will continue to work hard for the development of R&A and youth golf.”

At the R&A-led forum held for the first time in Asia, presentations and discussions were held on the importance of increasing female golf population and various female golf leadership for an inclusive golf culture. Major speakers included R&A Director Jackie Davidson, R&A Asia Pacific Regional Director Dominic Wall, Pak Se-ri, and Asia Golf Leaders Forum (AGLF) Secretary General Paul Park.

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