Park Joo-hyun “I’m not satisfied with the first”

Munhwa Middle School’s first finalist. Player satisfaction does not end here.

On the 11th, Munhwa Middle School defeated Samil Middle School 85-77 in the south-central semi-final of the ’48th Association Long-term National Men’s and Women’s Middle School Basketball Glory Tournament’ held in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do, and succeeded in advancing to the final for the first time since the founding of the basketball team.

Although they lost 60-113 in three matches in the final, they did not bow their heads.

Park Joo-hyun, who recorded 19 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists by combining 5 3-pointers against Samsunjung in the final, said, “I prepared well with the coach and teammates ahead of the tournament. While preparing, I aimed to win the championship. The first performance in the culture to reach the final I made it, but it is regrettable that I did not win.”

“Before the tournament, coach Park Chan-young set the mood well and trained hard. It was a team atmosphere that made it a must to go to the finals. We passed the preliminaries easily, but we narrowly won the quarterfinals and semifinals. All the team members did their part well. It was the result and we were able to make it to the final. We lost the final, but the team is not satisfied with the runner-up.”

Samseon Middle School, which Munhwa Middle School faced, was the winning team of the spring competition last March. It is also a strong team that will challenge the all-time crown this year. 

Park Joo-hyun said, “I’m sure Sam Seon-joong is a good team. But I didn’t think that I would lose. I lost, but I think I can try again by improving more in the future.”

Park Joo-hyun started playing elite basketball following his older brother at Usan Elementary School in the second grade of elementary school. Afterwards, he went to Bunka Middle School and is nurturing his dream of becoming a basketball player. And on weekends when his team is not training, he visits Suwon from Gwangju Metropolitan City to do skill training at the same time.

Park Joo-hyun said,메이저사이트 “When I was in my second year of middle school, I thought I needed to work harder to survive as a basketball player. I contacted him and I have been attending until now,” he said.

Lastly, “Through this tournament, the confidence of all the team members increased. The coach also thought of the team and was good to us, and I was really grateful that the school cheered for us during the finals. I want to,” he said, expressing his determination for the next competition.

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