“Part of the game, the misunderstanding was well resolved”

Warney revealed about the nervous war situation with Spellman.

Seoul SK Jamil Warney (29, 199.8cm) recorded a double-double with 23 points and 10 rebounds in the first leg of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Championship match against Anyang KGC held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 25th. SK, where Kim Seon-hyeong played a big role along with Warney, won 77-69, and the winning team in the first game had a 72% (18/25) chance of winning.

Early in the game, Warney struggled with KGC’s defense centered on Spellman. As a result, he made only one out of six field goals in the first quarter. However, he found a rhythm from the 2nd quarter and showed his true value with his long-term skill, the floater.

Warney said, “It took time to adapt to the opponent’s defense. He got used to it as time went on, probably because he continued to play defense together. I trusted my colleagues when I was unresolved. I think my efforts to create more chances for my teammates led to better results,” he said.

Warney and Spellman, who continued to match up, had a battle of nerves in the middle of the second quarter. After the operation time was declared, Spellman suddenly threw a ball at Warnie. Warney was also excited about this, but his colleagues intervened and the fight did not spread.

“I am good friends with Spellman. I was surprised to suddenly act like that, but we solved the misunderstanding and played the game. I think it’s part of the game rather than a war of nerves.” says Warney.온라인카지노

“Spellman is the most offensive player among foreign players. He can do everything from deep threes to dunks. He added that what we can do is to focus more on defense and consume a lot of his stamina.”

On this day, Warney neutralized KGC’s defense by trying his long-term floater one after another. Warney’s unique plotter made KGC helpless. Kim Seon-hyung, who entered the interview room with Warnie, also showed off his plotter several times, bringing frustration to KGC.

Warney said of the plotter, “Both I and Kim Seon-hyung had a good feeling. If Anyang continues to open the way, I think my shooting sense will come alive. The plotter is the biggest strength not only for me but also for Kim Sun-hyung. It’s an effective, easy shot. I feel the best when I put a floater in than other times,” he laughed.

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