Paul, the release is not confirmed… Considering multiple options including trade

The Phoenix Suns (hereinafter referred to as the Phoenix) announced that they had released Chris Paul (38), but it turned out that they were still in the discussion stage.

According to what Phoenix internal reporter John Gambador announced on the morning of the 8th (Korean time), Phoenix is ​​discussing the future with Paul and has not yet made a decision.

Reporters Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams Canary, who are familiar with the NBA, also reported that Paul has not yet been released from Phoenix and is devising several ways, such as stretching, trading, or renewing his contract after his release.

However, it is known that Paul will wait until the 29th to make a decision so that if he is released, he can come to the free transfer market (FA).

Paul, who has a partial guarantee contract worth $30.8M (about KRW 40.2 billion) for the 23-24 season, can receive $15.8M (about KRW 20.6 billion) from Phoenix if waved, equivalent to $30.8M for the 24-25 season. amount is not guaranteed. Accordingly, the front side of the Phoenix club expects that it will be dispersed in the long term after deliberately giving up on Paul’s contract to empty the salary cap in the future.메이저사이트

Meanwhile, Devin Booker and Kevin Durant, who have emerged as Phoenix’s new one-two punches, are known to want Paul to remain on the team. Still, if Paul leaves Phoenix, he’s expected to be courted by teams in need of a point guard.

Teams as diverse as the Memphis Grizzlies, who may not be able to play Ja Morant for a while, the LA Lakers, who are disappointed with D’Angelo Russell, the LA Clippers, who continue to have point guard problems, and the Boston Celtics, who need someone to relieve Jayson Tatum’s handling burden, are all on the pole. waiting to be recruited

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