“Possession? I really didn’t know” Heungkuk Life’s communication window, Kim Tae-hee, interpreter

It follows them like a shadow and serves as the eyes, hands, ears, and mouths of foreign players and coaches. From language bridges to overall care, we reach out to every nook and cranny of invisible places.

It has now been two seasons since I worked with Heungkuk Life Insurance. I have been with the club since the 21-22 season, and this season sticks like a shadow by Abondanza’s side. Sports interpreter Kim Tae-hee’s day is short and breathless.카지노사이트

Recently, at the training ground in Yongin, I sat face-to-face with Abondanza coach and interpreter Kim. From coach Abondanza, I was able to hear the overall concept of the season and the small daily life that I did not hear at the stadium. All these stories passed through Mr. Kim’s hands, ears, and mouth.

Kim Tae-hee, who responded to the interview, said, “I’m busier now,” and told her own story, not the coach and player. He said, “Ivan’s physical trainer also joined last week, and the coach is very curious about the players and staff, so it’s really hectic right now. scheduled,” he said.

Mr. Kim is the only window to foreign coaches and players in a foreign country where they do not know anyone. It doesn’t just stop at conveying words. Communication does not stop even after the season ends. I asked about the daily life of an interpreter.

“In the morning, I have the same schedule as the trainers, and since people have to live here besides volleyball, I have to take care of visa issues, (coach, player) family manager, and (coach) children’s kindergarten and taekwondo registration. , In particular, the coach has a completely different point of view from the player, so it seems like he is doing the same job as the interpreter, but he communicates a lot with the players, so I have to communicate with all the staff, and there are not many interpreters who speak English and know volleyball, so I had an analysis meeting. I’m mainly put into it.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance director Abondanza (left) – Interpreter Kim Tae-hee ⓒMHN Sports Reporter Ji-sook Lee

Even ten mouths on limbs are not enough. From all kinds of managerial tasks to daily conversations, you have to be perfectly versed in sports terminology and even muscle and bone terms. ‘Roughly’ is unacceptable. It’s a tough job, but did you dream of becoming a sports interpreter from the beginning? The answer came back immediately, ‘no’.

“I was originally an ordinary office worker,” said Mr. Kim, “I was unfamiliar with sports and did not know much about volleyball. Instead, I lived in China as a child and went to an international school there, so English was originally possible.”

In addition, he said, “I only knew a little because there was an acquaintance who was doing this (interpreting job).” I had no knowledge, so I had to study from the beginning.”

In the past, he worked quietly as an interpreter for players. However, it is impossible to do that by the side of director Abondanza, who expresses emotions in an unusually angry way. On March 19th, in the 4th set of Hyundai E&C, with a score of 19-19, during the operation time, Mr.

[Photo = SBS Sports relay data screen]

When I told him about this, Mr. Kim could not hide his embarrassment. He said, “I really didn’t realize (the situation at the time), the coach is a very passionate person,” and “I’m not the type to say something (strongly) to anyone. At some point, I was copying it, it was really hard at first,” he confessed honestly and brought laughter.

He said, “Sometimes I want to speak with a little bit of the director’s accent, but I don’t even have time for that. He has a lot of things he wants to say and is full of energy. The words themselves are, for example, ‘Come on!’ It’s like this, so I can’t skip it.” He smiled awkwardly.

Language is basic and there is the most important one. it’s stamina It’s surprising, but it’s a natural factor. Mr. Kim said, “I’m really bad at sports, but I have good stamina, and I don’t get sick even if I die (laughs)” and emphasized, “Because there is no substitute for interpreting, the body must be healthy.”

He said to those who dream of becoming sports interpreters in the future, “When I see players who are working hard in their own fields, I get motivated even if I am not exercising myself.” told

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