Refreshing the inside and outside the soil” Special gift for the defending champion… Munhak Stadium, renovated after 21 years

Can SSG Landers continue the momentum of the ‘defending champion’ this year? With the opening, a refreshing new ground was born.

SSG will play the final match against the LG Twins at Jamsil Stadium on the 28th.

Upon returning to the home stadium, SSG Landers Field, after the match, the newly renovated ground will greet the players. The SSG team will undergo adaptation training from the 29th.

Last year, the city of Incheon prepared a special budget for the repair of Munhak Baseball Stadium. Through this, the stadium facility improvement work was carried out from January 25 last year. Because of this, all of the exhibition matches this year were played only as away matches.

An official from SSG said, “For the first time since the opening (2002), we have ground all the soil inside and outside the field. Originally, the completion was scheduled to be completed on the 31st, but the weather was not cold, so it was delayed by two days. Thanks to this, the players were able to play the season after completing their adaptation to the ground. ” said

Literature was considered a relatively slippery field. It has been more than 20 years since the soil was filled, so it was difficult to grow, and the moisture of the grass did not drain well due to the wide shade of the big board.

However, through this improvement construction,메이저사이트 a new ground was introduced. In particular, artificial turf was laid on the warning track in front of the outfield fence. It is explained that it was a long-cherished project of SSG players.

SSG added, “The overall construction was completed last week, and it is expected to be finalized tomorrow. Fans visiting SSG Landers Field for the new season will also be able to enjoy the game.”

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