“Rehabilitating in the US” SSG Romero, currently not in Korea… imminent replacement

SSG Landers’ foreign pitcher Annie Romero, who was out of power for a long time due to shoulder pain, is currently rehabilitating in the United States. Returning doesn’t seem easy.

Romero, a left-handed pitcher from the Dominican Republic, is a pitcher SSG ambitiously recruited ahead of this season. However, he has yet to pitch a single game for the first team. Romero, who completed the first spring camp in Vero Beach, Florida, without any problems, got sick during the second camp in Okinawa, Japan. On March 1st, he started a practice game against the Samsung Lions and complained of shoulder pain during pitching in the 3rd inning, and was grounded. Since then, he has not been able to throw a single ball. He didn’t even appear in the exhibition game, and even though it’s been two weeks since the regular season started, there is still no promise.

His shoulder is an element of insecurity that Romero has had from the beginning. He rehabilitated himself with shoulder inflammation in 2020 while playing for the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) Chunichi Dragons, and since then he has continued to play with anxiety about his shoulder. SSG also decided to sign the contract after cross-checking the medical opinions of experts in Korea, the United States, and the Dominican Republic several times before recruiting Romero. But he’s not even able to use it properly, so it’s just frustrating. Director Kim Won-hyeong also receives questions from reporters almost every day about the timing of Romero’s return or his current condition, but there is no answer other than that he is “rehabilitating.”

As a result of the coverage of Sports Chosun, Romero is currently staying in the United States, not Korea. He recently left Korea alone and is undergoing his rehabilitation program after checking his condition with his doctor in the United States. However, his officials say that his shoulder condition is not good. He rehabilitates once, but may end up on the operating table. Some say that surgery is better for removing the anxiety factor.

The contract with SSG is not over yet. SSG club is also looking for a replacement resource for Romero, accepting a trip to the United States so that he can rehabilitate in a comfortable situation. However, it is not easy to recruit replacement players because the major league is still in the early stages of the season. Since SSG is capable of challenging the championship, it is necessary to have an ‘ace level’ pitcher who can win at least 12 wins in order to bring in a replacement foreign player. But that pitcher is currently on a big league roster, or a resource that teams cannot afford to give up easily. SSG contacted some players, but faced difficulties because the club did not allow them, or even if the clubs allowed them, the players wanted to challenge more in the United States. Wilmer Font, who played for SSG until last year, is also currently recovering from an injury, and other replacement pitchers are in short supply. Not only SSG, but also other clubs that are quietly looking for replacement players. Scouting field officials said, “Now is the most difficult time to find foreign players.”

There is not a big gap in SSG’s starting lineup right now. Kirk McCarty has finished adapting, and Kim Gwang-hyun will soon return from injury. Moon Seung-won, Park Jong-hoon, Oh Won-seok, and Song Young-jin have recently performed well as substitute starters, so there are no big holes in the rotation of at least five players. But the season is long. Like Kim Kwang-hyun’s injury, we don’t know when and what variables will arise. In particular, the foreign pitcher is the most powerful card in the team, but playing the season without even using this card changes the number of cases. The replacement time is imminent. The decision has been made, but the key is which player to bring. SSG is currently staying in the United States with a scouting team official.

Meanwhile,토스카지노 Romero’s guaranteed annual salary is $800,000 (approximately 1.04 billion won), and incentives based on performance are $200,000 (approximately 260 million won). Even if Romero leaves the team at the beginning of the season, he will receive $800,000 unconditionally.

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