Richarlison, there is no rest even after receiving psychological treatment. “I will overcome it while playing.”

Rather, I will focus more on soccer.”

Richarlison’s slump was due to psychological reasons. British media ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 14th (hereinafter Korean time), “Richarlison has been under mental stress for several months. He will receive psychological treatment from Tottenham to resolve the issue. However, Richarlison does not want to take a break from soccer. “I can’t stand not being able to play in the game. Rather, I hope there will be more focus on soccer,” the report said.

Richarlison moved from Everton to Tottenham in the summer of 2022. The transfer fee paid by Tottenham at the time was 60 million pounds (about 100 billion won).

He was expected to be an assistant to Son Heung-min and Harry Kane. In the long run, it was expected that Kane would fill the void left by his departure.

When I opened the lid, it fell far short of my expectations. He appeared in a total of 35 games last season and scored only 3 goals. In the Premier League, one goal was all.

This season, there have been no goals in four Premier League games since the opening. In a cup competition, one goal is all. He played a total of 40 games in a Tottenham uniform and scored 4 goals.

Tottenham coach Enze Postecoglou finally replaced Richarlison and appointed Son Heung-min as the top player. Son Heung-min repaid coach Postekoglou’s trust by scoring a hat-trick against Burnley on the 2nd. Richarlison’s position became narrower.

The remaining contract period between Tottenham and Richarlison is four years. Tottenham is also slowly considering a transfer.

Richarlison even shed tears during the international match against Bolivia on the 10th. Richarlison, who was named to the Brazilian national team starting list, performed poorly, missing an easy goal opportunity. He ended up being substituted and left in tears on the bench.

Richarlison explained that he did not shed tears because he could not do well. She said, “The tears had nothing to do with performance. I felt angry because things were happening off the field that I couldn’t control.”온라인카지노

He eventually decided to return to London and undergo psychological treatment. Richarlison’s mental problems go back 18 months. It is reported that problems with his close friends deepened and led to the current situation.

Tottenham did not give up on Richarlison. The Daily Mail said, “Tottenham will provide all the support Richarlison needs.”

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