Ronaldo’s dedication is perfect… an example of Portuguese and world football” Coach Roberto Martinez

“There are three ways to analyze a player. It is personal quality, experience, and commitment. Cristiano Ronaldo’s dedication is complete. He is an example for the locker room, an example for Portuguese and world football.”

Portugal national football team coach Roberto Martinez (40) praised Cristiano Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr), who has recorded the most goals in this category with 122 goals in 198 A matches.

“Cristiano and (veteran defender) Pepe (40, FC Porto) are examples of Portuguese football, and we need to make sure they pass on all their experience and wisdom to the youngest players,” Martinez said.

Portugal is ahead of its Euro 2024 qualifier home game against Bosnia and Herzegovina on the 18th (3:40 am, Korean time). “Like any other player, Ronaldo needs to train well to play. He needs a high-level performance environment where players can compete.”

Regarding Ronaldo’s playing in the Saudi Arabia league, he also said that “playing for a non-European club sometimes helps the national team”.먹튀검증

Ronaldo joined Al Nasr in January this year after parting ways with Manchester United at the end of last year and scored 14 goals in 16 matches. He has recently been rumored to return to the English Premier League, but he has stated that he will continue with Al Nasr next season.

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