‘Routine Establishment & Pitching Form Change’ Yang Chang-seop enters the 5th starter Blue light “full-time goal without injury”

Samsung Lions coach Park Jin-man smiles when he thinks of Yang Chang-seop, the fifth starting pitcher. 

Yang Chang-seop, who has been in good shape since the camp in Okinawa, Japan, started on the 16th in an exhibition game against LG held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu. He pitched well with no runs (3 hits, 2 walks and 1 strikeout) in 3⅔ innings.

Out of 55 pitches that day, 34 were strikes. He topped out at 144 km/h and threw a mix of curve, slider, cut fastball and changeup. 

Head coach Park Jin-man explained, ahead of the match against Daegu KT on the 18th, “Yang Chang-seop corrected his pitching form in the middle and late half of the camp. As he focused on catching points, his speed dropped a little, but the day before yesterday, his speed went up.

” It is hoped that this will act as a positive factor. It will be a great force to help the starting lineup run smoothly.” 

Yang Chang-seop, who predicted the birth of a new ace by recording 7 wins and 6 losses (average ERA of 5.05) in his first year of debut, suffered from frequent injuries and was unable to demonstrate his abilities.

Manager Park Jin-man said, “I’ve been suffering from injuries, but I shouldn’t be sick. He’s been working hard to prevent injuries since last year’s finish camp, so he’ll do well going forward. He predicted that he would be of great help since he saw a positive side.” 

Yang Chang-seop said, “I am in very good shape right now. I think I am much better than last year and the year before. During the Okinawa camp in Japan, coach Kwon Oh-joon told me to pitch a lot and get a feel for it, so I did it, but I feel like I have better control.”

He said, “Originally, it feels like it spreads out when you throw the ball, but I changed it to a pitch that shoots from top to bottom.” 

After he established his own routine, managing his condition became much easier. Yang Chang-seop expressed his satisfaction, saying, “Until now, I didn’t have a specific routine of my own, but now I have know-how and it helps a lot.” 

Yang Chang-seop stands out the most among the 5 candidates, but “I was always okay in the beginning, but I got injured, but my goal is to keep it steady,” he said. ” he grinned. 

When Yang Chang-seop was asked about his goal for this season, he said, “My biggest goal is to play full-time without injury.” 

He asked him,메이저사이트 ‘Have you ever imagined winning a start with his wife and son watching?’ In response, “It is always a great source of strength for me to always cheer for you. I think my wife will really like it if my wife and son win a starter when they come to the baseball field.” said

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