Schaeffer Benz CTO “Benz itself is a quality seal… It goes well with Korea”

“The Mercedes-Benz brand itself is a seal of quality assurance. It is because it has introduced innovation based on the principles of safety and trust for 130 years. In that respect, Korea is a country that fits well with Mercedes-Benz. .”

Marcus Schaefer , Chief Technology Officer 메이저사이트 ( CTO ) of Mercedes-Benz AG , met with Korean and Japanese reporters at the Las Vegas Convention Center ( LVCC ), where ‘CES 2023’ was held on the 5th (local time) and made this announcement. This is because I was asked for an opinion on the fact that Elon Musk’s Tesla, which can also be called a competitor, said that autonomous driving is possible only with cameras without lidar and radar. Lidar is a technology that calculates the distance by measuring the time it takes for a laser to return after hitting a target, and is evaluated as a key function related to the safety of self-driving cars. He said, “I went shopping a while ago, and the salesperson explained the best refrigerator and said ‘Benz class’.” he said forcefully CTO Schaefer also had some bitter comments about Tesla’s self-driving vision. Mercedes-Benz has applied for Level 3 autonomous driving certification from the states of California and Nevada, which allows it to drive at speeds of up to 60 km/h in highway sections or dense urban areas. “No Tesla vehicle has reached Level 3 autonomous driving,” he said.

“We will never put our customers at risk with these technologies,” he said. At this year’s CES

, where a feast of mobility technologies was held to the extent that it was called the ‘Las Vegas Motor Show’, Mercedes-Benz presented self-driving cars and high-speed electric vehicle charging technology as weapons.

In particular, Mercedes-Benz drew great attention by introducing the electric concept car ‘Vision EQXX’ to its booth. Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will only produce electric cars from 2030. ” E -drive, aerodynamics and efficient electricity consumption are key technologies for the Vision EQXX

,” said Schaefer CTO . “It’s not the Vision EQXX , but EQA and EQB use LG and SK ‘s batteries,” he added. “The hyperscreen co-produced by Mercedes-Benz and LG is a product we are very proud of.” At this year ‘s CES , Mercedes-Benz announced that it would build 2,500 charging stations in most states and 400 places in Canada by 2027 in partnership with charging network company Chargepoint. In particular, it was announced that it would release a high-power charger starting with the North American market, but the Korean release date is expected at the end of next year, Schaefer CTO said.

“Korea is the 4th most important country for Mercedes-Benz in terms of global market rankings,” he said.

“Since each country has different customer characteristics, one product cannot satisfy all markets around the world,” he said. There are too many,” he said.