‘Shock’… Messi went to ‘Saudi Arabia’ after ‘absent training without permission’

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) striker Lionel Messi is taking an arbitrary action.

PSG lost 1-3 in the 33rd round of the French Ligue 1 in the 2022-23 season against Lorient held on the 1st. With this defeat, PSG remains at 75 points and is at risk of winning the Ligue 1 title. This is because 2nd place Marseille caught up with 70 points with a terrifying momentum.

Initially, PSG was going to give the players a break, but as the sense of crisis grew, they decided to train. However, Messi did not attend training. He did not attend training without permission from the club. The shocking thing is that he fell into training and headed to ‘Saudi Arabia’.

France’s ‘Lequipe’ said, “PSG canceled the break and conducted normal training. However, Messi did not appear. There was no approval from the club. Messi headed to Saudi Arabia to fulfill his role as Saudi Arabia’s tourism ambassador.” Reported.먹튀검증

France’s ‘Le Parisien’ also explained, “Messi was spotted at Riyadh Airport in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabia Tourism Board welcomed Messi’s visit to Saudi Arabia through social media. Messi also posted the scenery of Saudi Arabia on his social media.” .

The media also reported, “PSG teammates were shocked by Messi’s absence from training. PSG players are discussing this in the locker room.”

Messi is the ambassador for Saudi Arabia. He is being raised with the possibility of a move to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal after the season is over. Messi’s dogmatic behavior seems to be strengthening this speculation.

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