Social media public escape attempt → team training excluded → 194.3 billion ‘jackpot’. Brighton Ace MF, ‘escape wish’ fulfilled

During the season, Brighton’s key midfielder Moises Caicedo, who had ‘evil’ to escape from his team through a public message on social media, finally made his wish come true. His team, Brighton, also had a big smile. He hit the ‘jackpot’ of £115 million transfer fee.

England’s Team Talk said on the 14th (Korean time), ‘Chelsea has succeeded in signing Brighton’s key midfielder Moises Caicedo from Ecuador. The transfer fee is £115 million. He is expected to undergo a medical test next week.”

The 21-year-old Caicedo was at the heart of Brighton’s blast last season. He is a strong midfielder. With even power and speed, Caicedo has a lot of energy and has a very good offensive and defensive balance. Starting from last season, he rose to the ranks of top midfielders in the EPL.

However, his outbursts were a problem. During the last season when Brighton was doing well, through social media, ‘I love Brighton and always did my best. I was born as the youngest of 10 siblings and grew up in a poor family. I want to be the best soccer player in the history of Ecuador. I am proud to leave a record transfer fee at Brighton to help the club succeed.

At the time, Chelsea and Arsenal actively promoted Caicedo’s transfer. However, when this message was released, Brighton launched a strong crackdown. Caicedo was excluded from team training, and it was made clear to Arsenal and Chelsea that there would be no mid-season transfers. However, I couldn’t catch the player who left my heart. Brighton ended up working on a transfer, and Chelsea offered a whopping £115m.메이저사이트

Timtalk said: ‘Chelsea and Brighton have agreed on a transfer. Caicedo is expected to wear a Chelsea shirt next week.

Caicedo has a contract with Brighton until 2025. He joined Brighton in 2021 from Independiente del Valle in Ecuador for £4.5m. It has increased in value more than 20 times in 5 years.

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