‘Sold out case’ Heredia wedge guitar, which made the resignation silent, leaves Busan with SSG at the forefront

Even in the tremendous cheering bombardment of the opponent, he did not shake at all. SSG Landers ended their three-game trip to Busan with a winning series.

SSG won 6-3 in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO league away game against Lotte Giants held at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 21st. With this, SSG maintained its lead by finishing Sajik’s 3 consecutive matches with 2 wins and 1 loss.

This weekend series flowed in an atmosphere of one-sided cheering by Lotte fans. From the first game on the 19th, 19,011 people visited Sajik Baseball Stadium, and all 22,990 seats were sold the next day. SSG had no choice but to bear the burden as Lotte fans in red uniforms took over except for some of the third base side.

Still, SSG continued the tight fight by winning the series 1 win and 1 loss until the game on the 20th. In particular, in the game on the 20th, starter Kim Gwang-hyeon (35) fought hard with 6 innings, 9 strikeouts, and no runs, and 4 players in their 30s (Choi Jeong, Choi Joo-hwan, Kim Seong-hyun, Kim Min-sik) scored multi-hits, winning 5-0 with the power of veterans. .

Before the final game of the three-game series, SSG coach Kim Won-hyeong (51) said, “Wasn’t the Lotte fans overwhelmed yesterday (20th)? Everything is filled with red waves, so players watching outside can be overwhelmed.” At the same time, coach Kim praised the veteran players who fought without being shaken by the opponent’s support.

In the game on the 21st, all seats were sold at around 2:30 pm, 30 minutes after the start of the game. As in the previous day, many Lotte fans came to the stadium and cheered.

But SSG was not shaken. Rather, it raised the first point faster than the previous day. In the beginning of the first inning, after two outs of SSG, Choi Jeong (36) hit a solo home run to the left pole against Lotte starter Charlie Barnes (28). The initial decision was a foul, but after video review, the decision was overturned.

SSG then raised the score of running away three times. After one run, Guillermo Heredia (32) and Choi Joo-hwan (35) added two points to the first and third base chances created by Kim Seong-hyeon (36)’s walk and Choi Jeong’s hit. Then Oh Tae-gon (32) made a sacrifice fly to make a 4-point difference.

Of course, SSG was not without its crisis. In the beginning of the 6th inning, starter Kirk McCarty (28) was hit with a double by lead batter Kim Min-seok (19), hitting the right wall, and Ahn Kwon-soo also walked and faced a crisis on the 1st and 2nd bases in an instant. After one shot, Han Dong-hee (24)’s large double and Yoon Dong-hee (20)’s heavy hit made the score 4-2.

However, after two outs, SSG put Noh Kyung-eun (39) in and overcame the hurdle with two outs, 1st and 2nd base. Afterwards, SSG put Choi Min-joon, Go Hyo-jun, and Seo Jin-yong in turn to secure the lead. In the beginning of the 9th inning, with 1 out, 1st and 2nd base, Heredia hit a 2-RBI double that split the middle right, putting a wedge in the game. It was the moment when Sajik Baseball Stadium became quiet for an instant.메이저놀이터

This three-game series was a series that would be a major watershed in the ranking battle at the beginning of the season. The two teams maintained a one-game difference before the start of the three-game series, and the rankings could be overturned or the ride could be further apart depending on the game result. And SSG was able to leave Busan in a good mood as they achieved a superiority series in the enemy camp.

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