Son Heung-min couldn’t laugh even though fans were selected as ‘Goal of the Year’

Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham)’s goal was selected as the ‘Goal of the Year’ by the club’s fans. After the last home game of the 2022-2023 English Premier League (EPL) against Brentford held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England on the 20th, Tottenham selected and awarded ‘Player of the Year’ and ‘Goal of the Year’ selected by Tottenham fans.

Son Heung-min took the ‘Goal of the Year’ with the opening goal scored in the match against Brighton on the 8th of last month. With this goal, Son Heung-min became the first Asian player to record 100 EPL goals.스포츠토토

Son Heung-min’s unique winding kick was a brilliant goal. Son Heung-min scored a mid-range goal with a kick from near the penalty arc into the upper right corner of the goal. The opposing goalkeeper threw himself, but it didn’t reach his fingertips. At that time, Tottenham won 2-1, and Son Heung-min also won the match against Japanese opponent Kaoru Mitoma.

However, the light faded with the defeat against Brentford that day. Tottenham, who lost 1-3, could not accumulate points, and fell to 8th place after being beaten by Aston Villa, who drew 1-1 with Liverpool in the subsequent game.

Son Heung-min recorded 4 key passes in 3 shots, but had to watch the team lose as he could not raise the attack point. Tottenham’s advance into European club competitions has become difficult. Tottenham lost to Aston Villa in the previous game, and their advance to the UEFA Champions League was canceled.

The goal was changed to advance to the Europa League, a competition for lower European clubs, but even this is not easy. The Maginot Line this season is 6th, but the defeat on this day put Tottenham in the most unfavorable situation among the 6th place competitors. Brighton, 6th, with 58 points, one point ahead of Tottenham, played two fewer games than Tottenham. If Brighton wins even one of the remaining three games, Tottenham will be eliminated regardless of the result of the final round against Leeds United.

Even the Europa Conference League ticket given to the 7th place in the EPL cannot be guaranteed. If Aston Villa, who is one point ahead of Tottenham, wins the final round against Brighton, Tottenham will finish 8th or lower this season. As Tottenham, we must win the game against Leeds unconditionally and watch the results of other teams. In the worst case, it could fall to ninth place behind Brentford.

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