The decisive reason why Lotte will not end with ‘Bomde’… Sutton’s confidence, “This is stable”

Whether it is a strong team or a weak team, when the batting cycle is well matched, the attack is threatening. The mound has its ups and downs, but even a weak team can catch a strong team when it throws well. However, the graph of defense and running is relatively constant. So it becomes the basis for decisively dividing the strong team and the weak team.

Lotte’s last two years have been a problem with this basic skill. There were times when he hit well, and there were times when the pitchers did well, but there were times when he showed problems in basic skills such as defense and running. There are overflowing memories of a poor play that poured cold water on the team’s uptrend when it was going well. It is chosen as the decisive background that Lotte ultimately failed to go forward. They said that they practiced a lot, but the results were not visible in front of their eyes.

As of the 22nd, such Lotte is doing well with 3rd place in the league (22 wins and 14 losses). Before the season, Lotte was evaluated as “It is true that he has become stronger in objective power, but he needs to watch detailed play.” So far, it shows a much better appearance from the basics. The defense is maintaining a stable flow, and the team has led the team to victory with several bold plays standing out on base.

Coach Larry Sutton also picks defense as one of the reasons the team is currently riding a good momentum. Coach Sutton said, “I practiced a lot from the camp. The players and coaches suffered a lot. From the finish camp, I brought a huge amount of training, mainly for young players. Even during the spring camp, I trained with high concentration.” Although it was training, it created an environment similar to that of the game. It seems that the speed at which I was able to train for the game and that I trained like a game in decision-making became the driving force behind a stable defense.”

In fact, Lotte’s defense was at the lowest level last year. It is difficult to see that this year has improved to the level of the sea change. The defensive range of some players is still narrow. The fancy lake fee may be less than other teams. This is unavoidable given the current team composition. However, what has changed from last year is that he handles balls that come within his defensive range relatively stably. This shows that even if you do well, you can go in the middle.

Coach Sutton also said, “The outcount in the routine ball is definitely being held.” It means that stupid mistakes have been reduced. Lotte made mistakes in 114 games last year. Even though the team is not such an aggressive and challenging defense, the number of mistakes was high.

However, this year, there are only 17 errors in 36 games until the 22nd. Last year’s 0.8 error per game was reduced by almost half to 0.47 this year. Of course, there were fewer games where the team collapsed in an instant without a second hand. It is a structure that allows pitchers to have faith in fielders.

On the other hand, Sutton’s confidence is that the defense is improving as the outfield is filled with players with good athletic ability. Lotte’s outfield defense has improved this season as fast-footed players such as Ahn Kwon-soo and Kim Min-seok joined Hwang Seong-bin.

Lotte’s outfield batted ball handling rate last year was 37.4%, overwhelmingly last in the league. Lotte was the only team with less than 40%. However, this year it has improved significantly to 44.1%. Coach Sutton confidently said, “With the emergence of outfielders with athleticism and speed that was not seen in the past at Lotte, they are now able to catch the ball that they could not catch before.”

There is still a long way to go.메이저사이트 It’s only better than last year, but it’s not a team that can boast of being at the top of the league in running and defense. However, this year’s numbers have clearly improved, and there are things to look forward to. All four teams with the fewest errors in the league last year went to the postseason. Lotte’s flow has been okay so far. If fielders with good athletic ability continue to be added in the future and replace existing veteran players, better capabilities can be expected.

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