The forum for public opinion opened by the sluggishness of the WBC national team, the KBO League will survive only when it becomes more active

Could the failure of the Korean baseball team to advance to the second round of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) for the third time in a row be a blessing in disguise? If you look at what has been revealed, it is positive. The waves are pretty strong.

It is a very desirable phenomenon to actively express opinions in various fields regarding the national team’s performance and, furthermore,메이저사이트 the competitiveness of the KBO League. Baseball is a sport that can be interpreted differently even after seeing the same scene, so each person’s thoughts on strengthening competitiveness are bound to be different. The views of baseball elders, retired legends, and players are also bound to be different.

It is in the same context that some point out the amateur system, while others point out the competitiveness of the professional itself as a point of improvement. Pitchers look at the issue from the pitcher’s side, and batters look at the issue from the batter’s side, so there are times when opinions conflict.

The voices of the fans cannot be ignored. There are fans who are anti-professionals, and of course there are voices who claim to be experts. The perspective of cheering for a specific team or player may be different from the perspective of looking at the league as a whole. As it is not a matter of right or wrong, but a difference of opinion, it is a culture that should be encouraged to express one’s opinion. Anyway, the KBO League is a professional sport, and the group that plays a pivotal role among the big axes that make up the league is the fan. There are some harsh expressions, some blind opinions, but it’s also reasonable to understand them in a way that loves baseball.

The WBC team this time reflected the characteristics of the ‘MZ generation who speaks up’. There are some distorted cases and some exaggerated remarks, but anyway, compared to the previous national team, each of them expressed their thoughts without hesitation. It is also a scene that has not been seen before that a player who has been active as a national representative for several decades declares ‘retirement’ on his social network service (SNS) and leaves a thank you to the fans. Everyone expresses their opinions in their own way. In the past, it was almost taboo, but in 2023, it will be accepted as a natural cultural phenomenon.

A lively public sphere is conducive to league development. There is no more ideal decision-making process than finding consensus through discussion. Originally, discussion is a process of finding better solutions by sharing knowledge and information. The fact that the WBC national team’s sluggishness has made the KBO league a great forum means that there are many people who have a strong love for baseball. In this respect, it is a very positive sign.

The problem is that there is no mediator to collect the competing opinions and find an agreement. Excluding abusive language close to excretion, excessively peripheral issues, such as putting a frame on a pitcher participating in a short-term international tournament as overwork, etc., excluding opinions beyond common sense, etc., there is a need for a subject to capture opinions that literally bring out knowledge or information. do. The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has not issued any comments regarding this tournament.

Active opinions are emerging in the public forum, but the moderator is vacant. This is the current address of the League Secretariat. In times of crisis, we must fulfill our roles and duties. It is time for the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), which is a social qualification, to come forward in the public sphere.

If you avoid showers, it is the providence of nature that the sun rises. To the KBO, the WBC defeat is a shower, and the year is an exhibition game. Even when the sun rises, the waves come. Both players and fans are changing, but the impression that only the KBO is standing still cannot be erased. It’s not just baseball skills that are in decline.

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