The hottest volleyball empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung… Throw the injury into the crowd! ‘Dream My Dream’ 

On the afternoon of the 29th, Kim Yeon-kyung took first place in the most fan votes for the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V-League All-Star Game’ at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon. At the awards ceremony held before the start of her All-Star Game, Kim Yeon-kyung received a doll with her picture on it as a result of her injury.스포츠토토

Kim Yeon-kyung, who took a close look at her doll with her own picture on it, took a commemorative photo with Shin Young-seok, who won first place in her male fan vote.

She and she looked at the crowd for a long time. Fans in the stands cheered her by waving her hands at Kim Yeon-kyung. When her thoughts were over, Kim Yeon-kyung threw her doll, which she received as a result of her injury, toward the crowd. She meant to give back even a little bit to the fans who filled the volleyball court in the cold weather.

Kim Yeon-kyung, who entered the V-League All-Star Game for the first time in 14 years, received 82,297 votes, and she established the pride of an M-star when she ranked first in the most votes in both men’s and women’s divisions.

Kim Yeon-kyung said, “It’s nice to have time to communicate with many people. Even before the voting started, I wondered if I would win first place. Many people came. It seems meaningful because the fans made it.”

In her first set, Kim Yeon-kyung also appeared to pinch-hit a crowd in the stands to serve her own serve and force her to serve her game.

She also performed her dance ceremony after the first set Z-star scored, and Kim Yeon-kyung induced M-star to follow the same ceremony. In particular, she had a dance battle with Lee Da-hyun over the net, receiving applause from fans.

Kim Yeon-kyung won MVP in her All-Star game. In the press corps vote, she received an overwhelming 19 votes. Kim Yeon-kyung received warm applause from the 6446 spectators who filled the stadium and left precious memories.

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