The meeting of golf and wine… Established Purple Dog, a women’s professional golf team

Purple Dog, a wine subscription service company, established a women’s professional golf team.

Purple Dog decided to sponsor 9 players, including Kang Ria, Kim Da-eun, Kim Bo-bae, Noh Won-kyung, Park Ah-reum, Sim Ji-yeon, Yun Hye-rim, Lee Hye-jeong, and Su-bin Jeong, who are playing in the Dream Tour, the second part of the KLPGA tour this year.

Kim Bo-bae finished 4th at the 2018 KLPGA Tour SK Networks Seoul Economic Daily Open, and Lee Hye-jung finished 4th at the 2015 KLPGA Tour Yongpyong Resort Open.

Kim Da-eun, a long hitter with a drive shot distance of 290 yards, is a promising player from the national team standing guard.메이저사이트

Purple Dog CEO Park Jae-jeong said, “I am very happy to have established a golf team made up of the world’s best female professional golfers,” and added, “I hope that the sponsored players will also grow with Purple Dog.”

Purple Dog, an AI-based wine subscription service that analyzes and recommends customer tastes, signed a sub-sponsorship contract with Ahn So-hyun, Lim Jin-hee, Na Hee-won, Kim Woo-jung, and Kim Hee-ji, who are active in the KLPGA regular tour, and launched Ahn So-hyun brand wine subscription service. have done

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