The middle school futsal team led by Cho Won-hee, coach of ‘I have to go’, was unfortunately eliminated from the group stage of ‘5v5 Gatorade Futsal 2023’… Final 16 teams confirmed

Cho Won-hee, a former national team member and chairman of the Social Contribution Committee of the Korea Football Association, shouted “I have to go, I have to go”, but the middle school futsal team led by coach Cho did not make it to the tournament.

Guerrilla FC, composed of student players directly recruited by coach Cho while visiting middle schools near Siheung, was eliminated in the group stage of the Siheung qualifying round of the Korea’s best amateur middle school futsal competition ‘5v5 Gatorade Futsal 2023’ held at HM Futsal Park Siheung The Pitch on the 25th. .

In the first game of Group A, Guerrilla FC faced P4U FS (formerly Football Eye FS), the winner of the last tournament, and lost 0-4, then lost to Hero FC 1-5 in the second game. Coach Cho, who coined the catchphrase “I have to go”, instilled a fighting spirit on the pitch, but was unable to overcome the difference in skill.

Coach Cho changed the lineup and succeeded in rebounding by winning 1-0 consecutively against Won Won-joong in Game 3 and Man-Jal Yoon Fc Team B in Game 4 Yeon-Sung Middle. However, with only 6 points in the final, it remained in 3rd place in the final standings after P4U FS (4 wins, 12 points) and Hero FC (3 wins, 1 loss, 9 points).

A total of 40 teams participated in the ‘5v5 Gatorade Futsal 2023’ Siheung preliminaries, which were divided into 8 groups of 5 teams and proceeded as a full league. The top 1 and 2 placed teams in each group advanced to the Round of 16. Guerrilla FC, which had participated in the tournament with the goal of winning, eventually packed up early.

Coach Cho said, “It’s unfortunate that we lost in the first two games, but my friends did well in the last two games, so I think I finished well. This tournament is over, but I plan to participate in various tournaments with Guerrilla FC in the future.”

“The ‘5v5 Gatorade Futsal 2023’ competition was fresh. First of all, I was surprised by the scale. The ground conditions, environment, and Gatorade’s support were just like a competition in which professional futsal players participate. With a camera, the youngsters felt better. I think it hasn’t been upgraded,” he said.

During the tournament, coach Cho performed special fan service such as signing autographs and taking selfies with students.

In the group stage, which lasted for 5 hours from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm, 16 teams that showed off their best futsal skills got the right to advance to the round of 16 tournament.

P4U FS, Hero FC (above Group A) Ansan Daeppang FC, Siheung Bank Middle School B (above Group B), Siheung Bank Middle School A, P4U U15 (above Group C) HAAN FC (B), Yeonseong Middle School Yun Manjal FC Team A ( Group D) Hamhyeon Visual Officers, Siheung Bank Middle School C (above Group E), Shinsung FC, Battle Elephant (above Group F), Baegot Middle FC, HAAN FC (A) (above Group G), Seohae Middle School, Phoenix fs (above Group H) and others advanced to the round of 16.

‘5v5 Gatorade Futsal 2023’ is Siheung (25th), Seoul (Dongdaemun branch), Jeonju (above April 8th), Busan, Cheonan (above May 6th), Goyang (Ilsan), Pyeongtaek (above May 13th) Regional qualifiers will be held in a total of 7 cities until Sunday). Last year, two places (Goyang and Pyeongtaek) increased from the five regional qualifiers. The top-performing teams are given qualifications for the national championship and a scholarship worth a total of 14.1 million won.

Teams that have advanced to the main line through the preliminaries will cover the nation’s strongest team through the national championship in Siheung on May 20th. This year’s winning team will be given the right to participate in the “Gatorade Global 5v5 Competition” to be held overseas in 2024.

This competition is hosted by HNS, a sports marketing company, and Gatorade participates as a partner. Sports Chosun is a media partner.먹튀검증 A total of 284 teams and 3,500 middle school students from all over the country participated in this competition, which was held last year, drawing great attention.

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