The starting win and save of the 160km duo that will happen someday, it is not the end here, one more person will be selected in September

A huge star is rising after a brutal dark period. However, there is not only one star. Two now, maybe three next year. This is the story of Hanwha, who will put forward a starting pitcher and a finishing pitcher who can throw 160 km per hour.

Get in the spotlight every day. It has to be. This is because the long-awaited 160km Fireballer was born. Moon Dong-ju (20), the present and future of Korean baseball, is drawing a steep growth curve.

He has a 1.08 earned run average in three starts this season. The hit rate of 0.109 and the proportion of walks decreased from 11% last year, the first year, to 9.7% this year. He not only has a fast ball, but also delivers stable control through a flexible pitching mechanic. And he adds perfection by playing the game. It is a picture of growing while throwing. limits cannot be measured.

There’s one more in the bullpen.메이저사이트 Kim Seo-hyun (19), first overall in the 2023 rookie draft. During his amateur days, his name value was higher than that of Moon Dong-ju. Moon Dong-ju turned to pitching in high school and made a surprise appearance, while Kim Seo-hyun received great attention as a pitcher early on. He threw more than 145 km during his junior year and became a priority for scouts.

He has few pitchers to compare to when it comes to velocity. Kim Seo-hyun took 160km twice against Doosan in his first team debut on the 19th. The 2-ball and 4-ball fastballs thrown against Lee Yu-chan in the beginning of the 7th inning of the game were measured at 160.1 km in Hanwha Trackman data. In particular, the 4-ball fastball was placed exactly in the lower outside location requested by catcher Choi Jae-hoon. He was a near-flawless pitcher with no way to deal with it as a hitter.

Of course, this is just the beginning. Positions are also not clear. For two weeks after the opening, I focused on pitching design in the Futures League and played in practice, but it was only 5 games. Even in the first team, you have to establish your own pitching through actual combat. When the standard set by the club is exceeded, Kim Seo-hyun’s save situation will also be made.

And that time doesn’t seem far off. It is all the more so when you look at the appearance Kim Seo-hyun showed in a short time after he joined the pro team. Just looking at his appearance, he has improved since last year at Seoul High School. He shows signs of focusing on weight training. He was worried because he had a variety of pitches and talents in various pitching forms, but if he established them, his growth would accelerate. This means that the day when they will be recorded as “victory Moon Dong-ju, save Kim Seo-hyun” can come at any time after the game.

But it doesn’t end here. As in September 2022, in September 2023, the Hanwha club faces a slope. 1st overall pick in the 2024 rookie draft. The main character is likely to be one of Masan Yongma High School Jang Hyeon-seok and Jangchung High School Hwang Jun-seo. Jang Hyun-seok is a right-handed pitcher who can throw 160 km like Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun, and Hwang Jun-seo is a left-handed pitcher who can throw 150 km.

It’s a happy and difficult worry. Whoever is the first overall nominee can play a big part in Hanwha’s future power. Along with Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun, he will play a part in the fastball parade, and Hanwha’s present and future will shine brightly.

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