The story of Choi Bo-seong being called up to the 1st team in a hurry from ‘Futures League to Busan’ 

NC Dinos infielder Choi Bo-seong had a busy day.

NC registered Choi Bo-seong as a first-team entry on behalf of Kim Han-byul ahead of an away game against the Lotte Giants in the 2023 professional baseball KBO League held at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan on the 25th.

Choi Bo-seong was playing a Futures League match against the Samsung Lions Futures (2nd team) at Masan Baseball Stadium from 11:00 am that day. In the meantime, he was called to the first team, and he hurriedly dropped out during the game and arrived at Sajik Baseball Stadium in Busan around 2-3 pm. Why did he have such a busy day?

Manager Kang In-kwon, who we met ahead of the game on the 25th, said, “Kim Han-byeol was injured. He watched the progress for several days and tried to make a decision, but today he received a report that his condition was very bad.”

At the same time, coach Kang said about the injured area and condition of Kim Han-byeol, “I had symptoms of an ankle sprain, but the recovery was a little slow, so I had to replace it.”

Left-hander Choi Seong-young, who started as NC’s starting pitcher in the match against Lotte held at the same place the previous day (24th), recorded 5 hits, 5 hits, 4 strikeouts and 1 run in 5 innings, leading NC to a 3-1 victory. Choi Seong-young also won a starter, which was 1018 days after the KIA Tigers match in Gwangju on August 9, 2020.

However, Choi Seong-young’s expression after the game was not good. It was because he felt guilty for giving up a lot of walks.

Nevertheless, director Kang said, “I saw it not bad. It’s a pity that he’s not aggressive, but I understand. He must have decided to go out as a starter after a long time and show himself on the mound and his good pitching skills. What he tries to throw a little harder is the pitcher’s mind. Except for the many walks, I think he did his part enough.”

NC will start right-hander Lee Yong-jun as a starting pitcher on this day. He has been a starting pitcher with a series of good pitches this year. However, in the match against Changwon Samsung Lions (4-5 loss) on the 19th, which was the previous appearance, it was not good with 7 hits, 3 homers, 2 walks, 4 strikeouts, 4 earned runs in 3.2 innings.

Coach Kang In-kwon said, “(Lee Yong-joon) has good memories of the last (April 23, Changwon) Lotte game. He showed good pitching (6 innings, no hits, 3 walks, 5 strikeouts, no runs). It would be regrettable that I could not become the winning pitcher in the end, but I think that if I throw with a new mindset today, I will give a good pitch.”스포츠토토

Meanwhile, NC, led by pitcher Lee Yong-jun, Son Ah-seop (DH) – Park Min-woo (2nd baseman) – Park Gun-woo (right fielder) – Jason Martin (center fielder) – Kwon Hee-dong (left fielder) – Park Se-hyeok (catcher) – Seo Ho-cheol (3rd baseman) – Kim Joo-won (shortstop) and Do Tae-hun (1st baseman) were named in the starting lineup. NC, which has currently exchanged 1 win and 1 loss with Lotte, will challenge the winning series through this game.

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