The temporary closer that once shined in the ‘forgotten round 1’ KKK match… Now the future of the dinosaur corps

There is a strong-hearted pitcher who struck out LG’s key batters Austin Dean, Kim Hyun-soo, and Oh Ji-hwan.

In the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ NC Dinos and LG Twins match held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 4th, Kim Si-hoon (24) took the mound as the finishing pitcher at the end of the 9th inning when NC was leading 3-1. Kim Si-hoon took the temporary finishing position in place of Lee Yong-chan, who was excluded from the entry due to the ‘WBC drinking wave’, and made a relief mound to protect the team’s victory.

This season, Kim Si-hoon is a bullpen pitching resource. As of the 5th, he is recording an average ERA of 4.76 with 21 wins, 1 loss, 2 saves and 7 holds in 17 innings. In a broad sense, a closer is also one of the bullpen pitchers, but a closer often comes out in the toughest or most difficult situations. There are many pitchers who throw well from the bullpen, but when they go out to the finish, they pitch insecurely. As such, being a close pitcher is not an easy position where psychological pressure always exists.

As expected, the start was not good. Kim Si-hoon, who climbed the mound with a somewhat nervous appearance, swayed as he threw the ball to lead batter Hong Chang-ki three times in a row. Afterwards, he led to a 3-ball, 2-strike full count match, but eventually got the lead batter on base with a walk.

The follow-up batter was Austin Dean, the scariest hitter in LG. But he didn’t run away. He confidently competed head-to-head and struck out on a swing while stealing timing with a 120km slow curve. However, he allowed Moon Bo-kyung to walk again and hit Kim Hyun-soo in a 1 out 1.2 base crisis. Although he is said to be experiencing an extreme batting slump recently, Kim Hyun-soo is the league’s leading hitter. However, Sihun Kim was not intimidated. He threw his ball and struck out Kim Hyun-soo’s bat with a 133km forkball. Oh Ji-hwan also struck out with a 137km forkball to keep the team victorious.

The ability to strike out is important for a closer pitcher, but Kim Si-hoon showed excellent crisis management skills by using curveballs and forkballs as decisive pitches. However, Kim Si-hoon was once a forgotten pitcher.

Kim Si-hoon, who graduated from Masan High School, is a local native born and raised in Masan as the first designated player in 2018. Kim Si-hoon was the first designated player selected from Masan, Changwon after NC Dinos was founded. Even at the time of his joining, he was evaluated as a “next-generation selection feeling”, but he was quietly forgotten without ever appearing in the first team. After returning from military service as an active soldier without much success in the professional world, Kim Si-hoon became a 180 degree different player. His restraint, which had been at the beginning of 140km before his enlistment, rose to 149km last year, and the control problem was also solved.

Kim Si-hoon was the first designated player in 2018, but he was a forgotten first rounder to the extent that his professional debut was last year in 2022. He finally got his chance last year and went back and forth between the starter and the bullpen, going 4-5 with 11 holds and an ERA of 3.24.

Kim Si-hoon has greed as a starting pitcher,스포츠토토 but if you look at his record, he is more powerful in the bullpen. He had an average ERA of 4.83 in starts last year and an average ERA of 2.26 in relief pitches. Kim Si-hoon has the talent to act as a closer when Lee Yong-chan is not around. After his stint out of the bullpen, he wasn’t far off becoming a future NC finisher.

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