Thunderbolt-like mid-range shots, splendid celebrations… Golgolgol, the ‘taste to see’

Everyone was surprised by the first mid-range shot by defender Kim Young-kwon, and Lee Seung-woo, who showed off a cheerful ceremony after scoring his first goal this season, also drew attention.

Reporter Choi Ha-eun will show you the K-League goals that delighted the fans.

< Suwon Samsung 2:3 Ulsan | K-League (Yesterday) >

Ulsan Rubiksson’s left-footed volley was unstoppable even when the goalkeeper slammed his body, and Suwon Samsung Lee Ki-je’s free kick goal drew admiration with an exquisite trajectory.

The most thrilling scene that neither the opponent nor the fans could keep their mouths shut was created by defender Kim Young-kwon.안전놀이터

In the 40th minute of the first half, he boldly hit a shot with his left foot from a distance of 25m to the goal.

His shot isn’t his strong point, but he couldn’t miss a gap where the space was open.

[Kim Young-kwon/Ulsan Hyundai: Because the opponent was blocking the pass path rather than my shot. At this time or when I’ll hit him.] Even

for a 14-year-old veteran of his pro debut, it was his first mid-range shot, and it was his debut goal after 50 games in the K-League.

[Kim Young-kwon/Ulsan Hyundai: Actually, I was surprised when I hit it too. I think it hit so well that I wondered if it was wrong because it fit so well.]

Ulsan, who won 3-2 after exchanging wonderful goals, maintained a solid lead in the league with 6 consecutive wins.

< Jeonbuk 3:1 Suwon FC | K-League (Yesterday) >

Suwon FC Lee Seung-woo drew attention with a splendid goal after-play.

He slipped on his knee, rolled forward, and landed an uppercut.

When I scored my first goal this season in 11 games, I expressed my joy with my whole body, but I couldn’t help but laugh as the team lost to Jeonbuk 3-1.

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