‘Traffic accident victim’ Do Tae-hoon found a citizen who saved him… “Thank you for listening to me”

NC infielder Do Tae-hun played a big role in the game against Hanwha on the 26th with 4 at-bats, 3 hits and 4 RBIs. Long hits exploded, including a home run and a double. However, it became a hot topic more because of the traffic accident damage than the fire bat. He once returned to the first team after being hospitalized for a week in September of last year after colliding with a drunk driver driving in reverse. In an interview after the match, he revealed this story, saying that he was looking for the citizen who saved him at the time.

According to the NC club, this police officer inquired about the contact information and passed it on to Do Tae-hun. After inviting Jeong Yong-hyeon, who saved him from the scene of the accident, to the Doosan match on the 30th, Do Tae-hoon thanked him again by giving him a uniform, a large signed ball for the team, a signed bat, and gift certificates.

Do Tae-hun said, “There is a risk of a second accident by stopping the car on the highway to help, but I am so grateful that he took the risk and helped me. It is possible because of your help. With the help of Jung Yong-hyun, my values ​​​​have to do my best every moment, I am grateful for everything, and I think that I have to do better to all the fans around me and who love baseball.”

He also said, “Thanks to many reporters, I was able to find a person I am grateful for. Thank you for listening to my story with interest.”

Jung Yong-hyun looked back and said, “It’s already been a year. I didn’t know that the person I saved was Tae-Hoon Do, until I got a call from Tae-Hoon Do.”메이저놀이터

Regarding the situation at the time, “I was on my way back from Busan with a friend. It was late in the evening and it was dark, but I knew there was a big accident when I saw a lot of debris on the highway and two cars turned over. The car horn rang and I knew there was a person inside. Naturally, I thought I had to rescue the person, so I got out of the car, rescued the person in the car, and called 119.”

Mr. Jung Yong-hyun said, “It was an accident to the extent that the shape of the car was unknown, but Tae-hoon Do thought it was fortunate that he had no major injuries and left the scene of the accident. In fact, it was something I forgot about and I just did the obvious thing, but Tae-hoon Do thanked me like this. I am also grateful. I have always been cheering for NC, and I have been feeling closer to baseball by using the commercial facilities of Changwon NC Park.

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