‘Two jobs’ Czech fairy tale baseball… Tokyo Dome enthusiasm → applause pours [Oh! Sen Tokyo]

Correspondent Cho Hyeong-rae] Japanese fans applauded generously for the fairy tale baseball played by the ‘two jobs’, each with a job. The tickets to the quarterfinals of Korea are in the hands of those two-job players. 

Tokyo Dome, Japan, on the 12th, where the match between Korea and the Czech Republic was held. The match ended with Korea winning 7-3. The result was not different from what was expected. However, in terms of the stadium atmosphere, it seemed that the Czech Republic had won more than Korea. It meant that there was a lot of cheering for the Czech Republic. 

Czech fans as well as Japanese baseball fans cheered and regretted each and every play of the Czech Republic. It was supported by fans. When second baseman Eric Sogard and shortstop Voytek Menshik made Choi Jeong’s double play at the end of the 8th inning with clean defense, the cheers of the Tokyo Dome were louder than ever.

The Czech Republic’s participation in the WBC was dramatic. In September of last year, he made a dramatic breakthrough in the final qualifying round for the WBC held in Germany and joined the finals. There were some full-time baseball players, but most had other jobs.

Director Pavel Hadim’s main job is a neurologist. Catcher Martin Chervenka, who played 10 seasons in the American minor leagues, has been called the best baseball player in Czech history, but is now a magazine salesperson and Lucas Ercoli, who started in the Korean War, is a public relations manager for the Czech Baseball Association. The designated hitter for the Korean War, Pert Jimia, is an analyst. Pitcher Marek Minarik is a real estate broker, and outfielder Arnost Dubobi is a high school PE and geography teacher.

In the national team guidebook produced by the Czech Baseball Association for the WBC tournament, they did not hide that they were a ‘two-job-ler’ national team and made it the theme of the national team while writing down the players’ main jobs.메이저사이트

He liked the hustle play more than anyone else and smiled. Coach Hadim came out and encouraged the pitcher. Jeffrey Barto, who came up as the second pitcher that day, fought back with one run in 5⅔innings. And director Hadim personally hugged Barto warmly and showed a smile that signified that he had worked hard. A scene that spreads smiles throughout the Czech team.

The players also enjoyed it with a ‘joyful gamer’ mindset. The Czech Republic had nothing to lose. That’s why I enjoyed it even more. Still, I did my best on the pitch. It seemed that the sincerity was conveyed to the fans. Sincerity led to applause. The fairytale-like story of the Czech Republic warmed the Tokyo Dome.

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