‘Welcome, this is my first Korean tour!’ Kim Joo-hyung and Damiano Kim “I’m happy even if I miss the cut”

The first round of the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour season opener DB Insurance Promy Open, which kicked off on the 13th at the Old Course of Ravi Bell CC in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province. Among the 144 players participating, two players stood out with clear nervousness. It’s not a common rookie. Kim Joo-hyeong (26) and Brazilian national Damiano Kim (22) stepped onto the regular tour field for the first time as recommended players.

Born in 1997 and qualified as a tour pro in 2019, Kim Joo-hyung is a very unfamiliar player to golf fans who have only participated in the second part tour, the Srixon Tour, a few times. The first regular tour stage that started with excitement and tension at the same time. Kim Joo-hyung had to realize the high wall of the Korean Tour for a while, even for a moment of joy. He lost 10 strokes each in the first and second rounds and recorded a total of 20 over par, putting his name on the top of the leaderboard. However, Kim Joo-hyung’s face after the game was full of hope rather than disappointment.

After the game, Kim Joo-hyung said, “I was very nervous when I played the first hole on the first day of the tournament, but it was fine from the second hole. Certainly, the environment, such as the course, was very different from the Srixon Tourer. The green speed was fast and the green was very hard. I went with a goal, but when I looked at the score after the game, I couldn’t hit much. Hahaha. Still, I am satisfied that I got a good opportunity and had a good experience.”

I was nervous about the regular tour, but my motivation was clear. Through this experience, Joo-Hyung Kim made a commitment to never give up on his dream of becoming a Korean Tour player. “I think I need to work harder on the Srixon Tour in the future. I became more aware of my shortcomings on the Korean Tour. Next time, I want to come as a regular seed instead of a recommended player.” The smile never left her face.

Damiano Kim, born in 2001. This player with a rather unique name is of Brazilian origin. Like Kim Joo-hyung, he has participated in the Srixon Tour twice, and participated as a recommended player in the opening game of the Korean Tour.

Damiano Kim, who hit a 3-over par in the first round of the tournament, was working hard on putting until late. Damiano Kim, who was bewildered by the reporter’s request for an interview but kept a bright smile, said, “I came to learn a lot,” and then said, “I was very nervous because it was unfamiliar to me. It was definitely different from the second part tour. The course condition is also very good.” He expressed his feelings warmly.

Then, he took a picture of Moon Do-yeop as the player he wanted to see on the Korean Tour and expressed his gratitude, saying, “I said hello to Pro-Moon today, and it was so amazing and nice. He cheered me on a lot.토스카지노 It gave me a lot of strength.” He then expressed his affection for Moon Do-yeop, saying, “This opening match is also Pro Moon’s main sponsored event, so I hope he wins.”

On the second day of the tournament on the 14th, Damiano Kim lost another 5 strokes and finished his first regular tour tournament with a total score of 8 over par for 126th place. Since they are neither star players nor rookie players, not many people would pay attention to these two in this opening game. Maybe it’s a matter of course. Through the experience of this tournament, I look forward to the day when the two players will stand on the stage of the Korean Tour again.

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