Why did ’emerging powerhouse’ Homa play with AirPods?

A US Professional Golf (PGA) tour event with a total prize money of 8.7 million dollars (approximately 10.69 billion won). A player is muttering while playing the game with an AirPod, a wireless earphone, plugged into one ear. The main character is the winner of this competition, Max Homa (33, USA).

Homa won the PGA Tour Farmers Insurance Open, which ended on the 29th (Korean time), overturning his 5-stroke inferiority, and achieved his 6th victory on the tour. However, what became a hot topic as much as the win was his behavior in the third round, the day before.

595 yards, 13th hole (par 5).안전놀이터 Homa, who hit a 315-yard tee shot, put an AirPod in one ear to communicate in real-time with commentators on CBS, the US broadcasting. Commentator Trevor Immelman (South Africa) said, “It was not a perfect tee shot,” and Homa said, “This shot was a little awkward,” and “I will hit the second shot a little harder.” As the second shot went deep into the rough on the left side of the green, Homa said, “I couldn’t hit the ball accurately. He was right for the New Year,” he explained.

The relay team asked Homa, “Have you found the ball?” as he headed to the rough for his third shot, and he replied, “I haven’t found it yet.” After finding the ball stuck in the rough, Homa called the match commissioner and got the ‘stuck ball’ relief and prepared for the next shot without penalty. After putting the third shot on the green, I removed the AirPods and finished the hole with a 2-putt par.

This event, which was held under the name of ‘mic’d-up’, was planned to provide a sense of realism to fans watching the game on TV. After the game, Homa said, “This is entertainment. We have to entertain our fans,” he said. Homa is an active player in communication, such as directly commenting on golf swing posts posted by fans on social media.

U.S. Golf Week asked golf fans the question, ‘Who will fill the microphone next to Homa?’ through SNS, and ‘Tom Kim’ Joo-hyung Kim (21) came in second, drawing attention. Golf Week explained, “Kim Joo-hyung is one of the most loved players among PGA Tour players and fans.” Jordan Spieth (USA) took first place and Jon Rahm (Spain) took third place.

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