Will there be a ’16-year-old mixed race’ pair… ‘All-in in the 1st game’ Belho, ‘Virtual Colombia’ Haiti and launching ceremony

The women’s soccer team moves to the decisive field after taking the final mock test against Haiti. 

The women’s soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell, will play an evaluation game against Haiti at 5:00 p.m. on the 8th at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. It is the women’s soccer team’s match held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium for the first time in 10 years since 2013.

Head coach Bell, ahead of the match against Haiti, said, “I expect it to be a difficult game. It will be a good evaluation match. We will be able to identify our strengths and weaknesses. The information gained through this match can be used to prepare for the World Cup. We will be able to see what weaknesses we expose to Haiti’s speed.”메이저사이트

South Korea was tied to Colombia, Germany and Morocco in the 2023 FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. Belho is preparing for the tournament thinking only of winning the first match against Colombia. Haiti, the opponent of the ceremony, is also a ‘virtual Colombia’.

Of course, Korea is expected to use elite members such as Ji So-yeon (Suwon FC), Cho So-hyun (Tottenham), and Lee Geum-min (Brighton) to check their strength and refine their organizational skills. It is also a place to check the results of ‘high-intensity training’. Coach Bell has been through intense physical training. His intention was that in order to be competitive on the world stage, you must have the physical strength to overwhelm your opponents. 

Athletes who endured hell training have ‘confidence’. Ji So-yeon said, “I can feel the fever of the World Cup after a week. While preparing for the match against Haiti on Saturday, I did a lot of intense training for two weeks. I think it will be time to check how much stamina has improved. “It’s a game where you can see how they prepare for the game against Colombia,” he said confidently.

It is also a matter of interest whether Bellho’s ‘youngest’ Casey Eugene Fair (PDA) will participate. Born in 2007 to an American father and a Korean mother, Fair is the first mixed-race player in the history of the Korean women’s soccer team. Equipped with a solid physical height of 1m78cm, he said, “It is an honor to be given a chance (in the national team). I will do anything to help the team,” he said. “I like speed and physicality. There are strengths to contribute to the team, such as one-on-one fights on the side.” 

The odds of seeing the pair play are pretty good. When asked at a press conference the day before the match whether the pair would play, Bell replied, “Perhaps.” If he runs, there is a high chance that he will be used as a joker in the second half.

Bellho will take the final mock test against Haiti at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 8th, and then depart for Australia on the 10th. Starting with Colombia on the 25th, Korea will face Morocco (30th) and Germany (August 3rd) in turn. 

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