Women’s soccer Changnyeong WFC, foreign player Enji 2 goals… Come-from-behind victory at Sports Toto

Women’s Unemployment Football WK League Changnyeong WFC won a come-from-behind victory over Sejong Sports Toto with Anji, a foreign player who scored 2 goals alone.

Changnyeong WFC won 4-2 in an away game against Sejong Sports Toto in the 7th round of the Hyundai Steel 2023 WK League held at the Central Sports Park in Sejong City on the 25th.

Changnyeong WFC, which recorded 2 wins, 5 losses and 6 points, was still at the bottom, but recently broke a 3-game losing streak and prepared a stepping stone for a mid-table leap.

Changnyeong WFC, who was dragged away after giving up two goals to Sejong Sports Toto Kim So-eun in the first half, turned the game around with goals from Lee Ye-eun in the 17th minute and Choi Mi-rae in the 32nd minute.안전놀이터

Changnyeong WFC, which regained control of the game, ended the come-from-behind victory by 2 goals with Angie scoring a come-from-behind goal in the 41st minute of the second half and a wedge goal in the 45th minute of the second half.

[25th Match]

Changnyeong WFC 4 (0-2 4-0) 2 Sejong Sports Toto

△ Score = Kim So-eun (23 minutes before, 36 minutes before Sejong Sports Toto) Ye-eun Lee (17 minutes after) Choi Mi-rae (32 minutes after) NG (after 41 minutes, after 45 minutes, over Changnyeong WFC)

Hwacheon KSPO 0-0 Suwon FC Women Incheon

Hyundai Steel 0-0 Seoul City Hall

Mungyeong Sangmu 1 (1-0 0-0)0 Gyeongju Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power

△ Score = Kwon Ha-neul (26 minutes ago, Executive Director Mungyeong)

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