Worst timing, worst method… Subero resignation, why fans can’t understand

The timing and method are the worst. The news of the resignation of manager Carlos Subero (51) of the Hanwha Eagles is boiling with fans.

Hanwha won 4-0 against Daejeon Samsung Lions on the 11th and achieved two consecutive wins and a winning series. In a situation where they had to prepare for an away game in a good mood with their first win of the season, news like a thunderbolt was delivered. Shortly after the game, the club announced that it had sacked head coach Subero and appointed a new head coach, Choi Won-ho.

It was the worst timing. Hanwha was on the rise with 5 wins and 2 losses in 7 games in May, making up for the sluggishness in April. In a situation where the atmosphere was high, coach Subero was suddenly notified of his resignation right after the game, and the players had to move to Incheon for a weekend three-game match against SSG Landers in a cold atmosphere before enjoying the joy of winning streak.

According to general manager Hyuk Sohn, discussions were held about replacing the manager with Subero when the team was on a losing streak in April. The process of receiving approval from the group took longer, and the decision was made only on the 11th, and after a meeting with director Choi Won-ho that afternoon, the appointment of a new director was decided. And immediately after the game, general manager Son Hyuk and CEO Park Chan-hyuk visited Subero coach and notified them of the contract termination. The game ended at 8:49 pm, and the official announcement of the replacement of the manager was a little after 9:00 pm. There was less than 30 minutes to enjoy the victory and to organize the mind.메이저놀이터

From the point of view of the Hanwha team, it can be argued that they had no choice but to proceed with the work immediately after the game because they could not take the time since the decision was made. However, in the end, it became disrespectful to all of Subero’s coaches, coaching staff, players and baseball fans. Hanwha fans were also confused by the shocking news before they could enjoy the joy of victory. Besides, games were still in progress at other stadiums. The news that the winner was decided after a fierce game was all buried in the news of Hanwha’s manager change.

Hanwha’s manager change during the season is not a new thing. While coach Subero led Hanwha, the last two seasons were at the bottom, and this year, it is currently in 9th place. However, the anger of the fans seems to be greater than ever.

In the first place, the purpose of coach Subero’s coming to Hanwha was to rebuild. Three years were given to improve the team constitution, but the club could not wait for that time completely. Ahead of this season, they began demanding tangible results by saying that they had reinforced free agents.

If you look at it calmly, you can’t say that Hanwha’s power has improved significantly compared to last year. Chae Eun-seong has been recruited and Roh Si-hwan is showing his potential, but Tuchman, who recorded the highest contribution to victory in the team last year, has left and the newly recruited O’Grady has the worst stats in the league. In addition, Birch Smith, who was recruited as the first starter, disappeared after one game in the opening game. It was too harsh an environment to order ‘winning baseball’.

Nevertheless, Hanwha has recently been learning how to win little by little, and although it is a slow pace, the results of rebuilding are sprouting little by little. However, Hanwha did not wait this time either. In the past, they shouted for rebuilding, but at some point recruited a free agent and pushed for immediate visible results, and the team repeatedly collapsed. Hanwha chose the worst parting that the club and manager could do in the worst way at the worst timing.

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