Yonsei University and Kyonggi University coaches suspended for 6 months for ‘silent ball-turning controversy’

 Yonsei University and Kyonggi University football team coaches, who were controversial for their insincere soccer matches that went against the spirit of fair play, were suspended for 6 months. 

The Korea Football Association held a fairness committee at the Seoul Soccer Hall on the 2nd and disciplined Yonsei University coach Choi Tae-ho and Kyonggi University coach Kwon Hyuk-cheol for playing a so-called ‘ball-spinning’ game in the semifinals of the 59th Spring University Football Federation on February 23. did.

Yonsei University and Kyonggi University spent time during the game, not showing any intention of attacking each other. After Yonsei University scored the opening goal in the 9th minute of the first half, they played the ball in their respective camps for about 20 minutes. 

After this fact became known, the two teams received a lot of criticism. In the end, the Korea University Football Federation held a fair committee on March 2 and decided to suspend participation in one competition organized and hosted by the Korea University Football Federation. However, no disciplinary action was given to the coaches of either team.토토사이트

Meanwhile, the FTC of the Korea Football Association decided to convene a meeting on the 9th without making a decision on the case that a player A of the Gimpo FC youth team made an extreme choice in April of last year. It is known that the will contained information about verbal abuse by leaders and bullying by colleagues. Four related leaders were booked without detention by the police in April. /

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